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Our Uniform Policy





St Monica’s Primary School no longer specify what date students transition from their winter to summer school uniform each year, which means students and families can decide for themselves. Our winter uniform was traditionally worn in Terms 2 and 3, with our summer uniform traditionally worn in Terms 1 and 4.

Students must be dressed in full and correct uniform each school day. No combinations are permitted, such as part summer, part winter or part sport uniform.

Please refer to the relevant guideline below for full details on school uniform and expectations:


Primary School Guidelines


The CEW Uniform Shop


You can order online or visit the Uniform Shop for a free, personalised fitting of students. Uniform items can be pre-ordered and/or purchased on lay-buy.

The shop provides all current school uniforms, hats and sports uniforms with a comprehensive selection of sizes.

They also offer a made-to-measure service on most garments for students with a particular requirement. As this sometimes takes longer to deliver, please allow 12 weeks.

For further information please visit


For all online orders, please visit 

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