137 Brockley Street, Wodonga, VIC 3690   Phone (02) 6024 3151

At St Monica’s, students think for themselves, accept challenges and, most importantly, value their achievements. We celebrate the gifts of every individual.

Our Vision

At St Monica’s, every child, every day will be supported and challenged in a faith-filled, welcoming and inclusive environment, underpinned by best practice and high expectations.

We are a community of faith and hope with many gifts and talents. We promote justice for all, preserving the dignity of each individual – and we believe that those individuals can reach their full potential with a strong relationship between home and school.

All students need an engaging curriculum that provides them with a variety of learning experiences, which is what we are proud to deliver every day at St Monica’s. We cater for all, and we celebrate the individual.


Our Graduate Outcomes

From Foundation to Grade Six, our students strive to: 
—   develop empathy, compassion and tolerance

—   be an independent and curious learner
—   have respect for themselves, their community and their environment
—   take risks and develop resilience

Our campus



The right environment is critical to the development of a child.


At St Monica’s we are fortunate to have inspiring grounds and classrooms.

Our learning spaces are purposefully designed to motivate learning at every opportunity. Most importantly, they are built for a community of learners, where students can share their academic journey in a focused and fun school day.

Beyond the classroom, our students enjoy lunchtimes around an oval, a full stadium, lots of play equipment, and a sensory garden which was designed by an occupational therapist.

Our Catholic Identity


At St. Monica’s, our school is open to all who seek a Catholic education.

We welcome families of all backgrounds. We share and celebrate the diversity of our community. All students participate in Religious Education and learn about the Catholic Story. This is a central part of school life, including our pastoral care and student engagement, communication and interaction.

Our Catholic identity informs and influences all learning in the school and is integrated throughout the curriculum. Sending a child to a Catholic school involves supporting this religious aspect of school life.

Our History


Educating the community of Wodonga for generations.


Catholic education in Wodonga began in 1876 when St Augustine’s Primary School was established by the Sisters of Mercy. By 1899, the new school buildings were completed, and St Augustine’s was catering for primary, secondary and commercial classes. A boarding school was also established at the convent.


By the late 1940’s and the decade that followed, the large number of European immigrants moving to the area and the post war baby boom saw a substantial increase in numbers at St Augustine’s. As a result, St Monica’s Primary School was built and opened in 1973.

Our People



Professional. Proud. Dedicated.

Our staff are committed to the education and wellbeing of every student.


Jacqui Partington


Deputy Principal

Chris Todd


Senior Leader
of Learning & Teaching

Jack Neil



Danielle Topalovic


Community Engagement Leader

Anne-Marie Hoodless


School Psychologist & Mental Health Leader

Maria Hutchings


Human Resources Leader

Jenny Krueger


Administration Officers

Kirsty Hibberson & Jo Cox



Kylie Myers


Speech Pathologist

Jess Glass


Sport Leader

Jake Hicks


Full Time Replacement

Karyn Murphy & Anah Kron


Foundation Area Teachers

Eliza Griffiths
Phoebe Benney
Rebecca Di Maio
Leigh Dinter


Junior Area Teachers

Rachel Kelly
Lynda Raymond
Katalin Young
Emily Alcock
Grady Bryant
Shannan Fox
Sharon O’Brien
Kate Gallacher 


Middle Area Teachers

Jasmine Wiley
Willie Miller
Courtney Todd
Sarah Flood
Emily Snowdon
Chantal Fitzsimons
Grace Tranant
Gavin Shortis
Melissa Mitchell


Senior Area Teachers

Isaac Campbell
Anne-Marie Hoodless
Andrew Naldrett
Courtney Turnbull
Kiara Corkett
Sally Handford
Kim Fulford
Nick Mammone
Emma Habermann

Instructional Coaches

Nick Mammone
Jasmine Wiley
Willie Miller
Lynda Raymond
Rachel Kelly
Sally Handford


Performing Arts

Lennon Harbour


Physical Education

Jake Hicks & Kylie Fulford


Visual Arts

Stephanie Bruce



Dean Chappel & Karli Hayes



Suzanne Siemens



Kerri Roberts


Learning Support Officers

Kerri Roberts
Bern Hodson
Sarnia Smith
Mel Brizzi
Jess Blaine
Renae Larkin
Narelle Hodgkin
Jan Moxey
Janaya Sheridan
Harrison Fischer


Defence School Mentor

Maura Hansen


Canteen Manager

Sheridan Jefferson


Garden & Maintenance

Keith Ainsworth 


Our Parish

St Monica’s Primary School is part of the vibrant Wodonga Catholic Parish. The Parish priests and the community welcome the opportunity to connect with St Monica’s families.

Parish Priest Fr. Junjun Amaya, PP

Assistant Parish Priest Fr. Junjun Amaya


Wodonga Catholic Parish Vision Statement

We are a diverse and talented community drawing inspiration from Jesus found in the Scripture and in the living tradition of his people, the Church. In valuing, celebrating and promoting life, we support each other as we joyfully proclaim Jesus to the World.


Read more about Wodonga Catholic Parish