Student Illness and Absences


If your child is away unwell, please ensure you notify the school prior to 9am. Please see the procdure in ‘Signing Your Child In/Out’ in newsletter.

Administration of Analgesics
A reminder that staff are not permitted to administer analgesics to students.

If your child is required to take a prescribed medication whilst at school, please complete a Medication Authority Form here>. Medication must be in it’s original packing with chemist label and directions attached. Medications will be kept securely in our sick bay and administered by office staff as directed.

We have a number of children at St. Monica’s who have severe allergic reactions, which can have serious consequences if not treated immediately. It is therefore important that, as a school, we ensure students are safe.  Please take time to read the letter here>.
A number of strategies are in place to support these children. It is recommended that you speak with your child about allergies and how they can affect others, and ask them not to share food whilst at school. We do ask that children not bring nuts or nut-based products, such as peanut butter, nutella etc., to school.

Medical Conditions, Alllergies, Asthma etc.
A reminder if your child has any medicals conditions that you must provide all relevant and current Action Plans and medication to the office.


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