School Car Park Guidelines

St. Monica’s School car park can be a very busy and often confusing place! Please observe the following guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone whilst using the car park:

  1. Please adhere to the parking signs which indicate St. Monica’s or Goodstart parking. Goodstart have limited parking spaces directly in front of their Centre, parallel to Brockley St. Please do not park in these spaces unless you are dropping/picking up your child/ren enrolled at Goodstart.
  2. Please be considerate of residents if you are using Damien Court to park and pick up, as this is a very small residential street. Please ensure you are parked in a parking space, not in front of or over someones driveway and certainly not double parked, otherwise you will be ‘booked’. If you are using the drive through at School you MUST enter the school using the left hand lane only. Please do not spilt into two lanes until you are directed by the lines on the carpark. The right lane is for those coming to park in a designated car park. You must not cross over the single white line or enter the drive through from the right lane and insert yourself into the pick up lane, as you will be blocking incoming traffic and/or pushing in front of those who have been waiting in the correct lane. Please be patient and courteous to other parents/drivers.
  3. Remember to look for pedestrians as you exit the carpark. We have had reports of near-misses as drivers look for other cars but NOT people on foot.
  4. Please take the time to read our Carpark Guidelines here> .  If you have any concerns or questions about this please feel free to email Jacqui Partington, Principal here>.


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