St Monica’s Literacy Mission Statement was developed in consultation with the 2018 teaching staff. It states:


“At St Monica’s we are a community of lifelong learners who work together to improve literacy learning for every student. We have a shared responsibility, informed by research to engage and target the individual needs of every child.

We as students, parents and staff are committed to promoting the value of literacy skills.”


This year St Monica’s are turning the literacy focus to reading improvement.  This includes investigating data and current trends, becoming informed of research-based best practice and working collaboratively to audit and reflect on teaching methods.

One focus has been refining the Guided Reading process, where the teacher sees each child in a small group with a specific reading focus. This is targeted teaching with a goal to move every child forward with their reading.

At the Foundation level the students will focus on becoming a reader and using strategies, such as decoding, to support them.  In Grade 1/2 , students refine their decoding skills and accuracy with longer text, as well as considering comprehension. By Grade 3/4 there is a strong link between continuing to focus on accuracy and reading comprehension and by Grade 5/6  we are hoping that students can integrate accuracy, comprehension and fluency in their reading. It is important to note that every child is taught each skill as they are ready for it, as determined by our assessment procedures.

St Monica’s has a designated Learning and Teaching Leader, as well as a Literacy Leader, to help support staff to drive these new initiatives and work collaboratively for the best interests of every child.  The school focus is not on particular programs, but on teaching practice which incorporates a range of strategies.

Literacy is prioritised in every classroom , every day, at St Monica’s.


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