Our school has a long history…

History of St. Monica’s

Catholic Education in Wodonga commenced in 1876 with St. Augustine’s Primary School, which was started by the Sisters of Mercy. By 1899 the new school buildings were completed, and St. Augustine’s was catering for the Primary, Secondary and Commercial classes. A Boarding school was also been established at the convent.

By the late 1940’s and the following decade the large number of European immigrants moving to the area, and the post war baby boom, saw a large boost in numbers at St. Augustine’s, causing the Parish to purchase land for a second Catholic Primary School.

St. Monica’s Primary School was built and opened in 1973, the second Catholic Primary School to be operating in the Wodonga Parish.There was very little equipment at St. Monica’s when it commenced operating – one teacher said all they had was a blackboard, duster, ruler and chalk – no money, no books, no readers. At the time they were poor relations of St. Augustine’s. There was very little play equipment for the children- imagination was the order of the day.

Later in 1973 the two schools shared a Mother’s Club and a great deal of fundraising was organised as St. Monica’s needed to be furnished. Thanks to cake stalls, street stalls, Hippy Nights and a Queen’s Competition, the addition of much needed furniture was well underway.

As South Wodonga developed and grew, so did the attendance at St. Monica’s. The location, growth and development of St. Monica’s can be attributed to the Labour Government making Albury-Wodonga a growth area. Large numbers of people were drawn to the area because of the employment and private industry possibilities. This created a need for more schools and, as a result, St. Monica’s was built and has since flourished.


Our school has a long history…



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