Visual Art is a medium to look at the world differently. It provides opportunities for individual expression, cultural diversity and enhances self-confidence..
At St Monica’s our Visual Arts curriculum assists students to develop their intellectual, imaginative and expressive potential through a variety of activities working with the principles and elements of art. Students analyse and respond to their art works and those of others, including works from past and present artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Uncle Wally and Terry Jarvis.

Students have created pieces for a variety of audiences and purposes such as, Mother’s Day, the school Art Show, school production, school cookbook, gifts and for personal enjoyment. Students have experienced working with paint and paper to create movement, water colour painting, pastels, collage, armature wire, beads, weaving with wool, line drawing, mosaic patterns, foil and texta and printing using a variety of objects including designing their own stamps from foam and lino.

Students also gain an understanding and appreciation of the Arts of various cultures. The Aboriginal Immersion Day provided invaluable opportunities when Uncle Wally spoke with and assisted students to use their knowledge and skills gained from the day to create their own stories through traditional Aboriginal painting styles on canvas. The children’s work then formed a large Aboriginal flag for the school. These skills will flow on to the painting of two bollards that will be painted and displayed in the gardens under the guidance of Uncle Wally.


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