Early Learning Area

Our image of the child is paramount to all that we do in the Early Learning Centre. The design principles when constructing the centre

and the organisation of each learning space reflect our philosophy. We are inspired by the principles of the Reggio Emilia Educational

Experience, a belief that all children have a right to high quality education. At the core of this concept is the child’s natural curiosity of their world, coupled with respect for the countless qualities and values that we believe each child is born with. 

 Our belief that the Environment is the third teacher (the Family and the School being the first two) is evident throughout our centre.  Materials in the classroom environment inspire children to think outside the box.

We believe that all children are competent and capable citizens with their own experiences, understandings and talents that assist

them in their learning. This is the foundation on which all learning experiences are based. We use a strength based model emphasising

skill development and acquisition of understanding through a balanced curriculum that actively engages children in investigations,

play and explicit teaching.

As with all other areas of our school we adhere to the Victorian Curriculum.




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